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Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2020) 35 (1 (103)): 77–107.
Published: 01 May 2020
.../France, 2012)—showing how the Cambodian genocide is for the first time dealt with as a gendered genocide, breaking the taboo issues of forced marriage (a unique form of genocide in the world) and rape. A detailed analysis of Red Wedding describes how the meaning of forced marriage and rape is framed...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2023) 38 (2 (113)): 119–143.
Published: 01 September 2023
...Nandini Sikand Abstract This essay links the historical figure of Phoolan Devi, infamously known as the “Bandit Queen,” a vigilante and the subject of several articles, news stories, books, and a biopic, with the more recent figure of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the victim of a brutal gang rape in 2012...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2001) 16 (1 (46)): 99–141.
Published: 01 May 2001
... in West German Literature and Film (1991) and Gender and German Cinema: Feminist Interventions (coedited with Sandra Frieden, Vibeke R. Petersen, and Laurie Melissa Vogelsang, 1993). 04-McCormick.sh 5/29/01 12:39 PM Page iv 04-McCormick.sh 5/29/01 12:39 PM Page 99 Rape...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2005) 20 (1 (58)): 33–57.
Published: 01 May 2005
... thesis from Yale (BA, 2002), titled “The Lady Van(qu)ishes: Interiority, Abjection, and the Function of Rape in Horror Films,” is forthcoming in Paradoxa , and “Pleasure in/and Perversity: Plaisagir in Liliana Cavani's Il portiere di notte ” is forthcoming in The Dalhousie Review . Seul contre...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2017) 32 (2 (95)): 117–151.
Published: 01 September 2017
... by Breillat's portrayal in À ma sœur! ( Fat Girl , France, 2001) and her other films of nonnormative, even taboo subjects—the depiction of childhood and adolescent sexuality, of unsimulated sex, and of statutory rape—writings on her work have focused largely on the director's public persona and the polemics...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2016) 31 (2 (92)): 119–147.
Published: 01 September 2016
... and disenfranchised women in the hot zones of globalization have been made increasingly vulnerable by patterns of capital expansion. In these documentaries, women who have survived trafficking, rape, and abduction share their brutal experiences in filmed interviews; family members who have lost daughters and sisters...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2007) 22 (1 (64)): 113–135.
Published: 01 May 2007
... symptomatically returns when the two guys hook up and at least Vince is high, namely, the woman that both men dated in high school, Amy. This time the stakes are pushed to the limit, and Vince needles Jon into finally admitting that he raped Amy, only to reveal that their conversation has been recorded...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1991) 9 (3 (27)): 76–87.
Published: 01 September 1991
.... But too much of what I saw in Berlin 86 was just “Art Cinema,” where you can get away with murder, as long as it looks like Art. The exception was Marco Bellocchio’s The Conviction (La Con- danna), which tells an unusual tale of rape with images that look like Old...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1997) 14 (1-2 (40-41)): 161–179.
Published: 01 May 1997
..., a twenty-year-old rape victim, a Black student activist, and a retarded young man. Generally, Sam succeeds in correcting the improper, un- fair, or iniquitous situation, but not everyone who is deserving secures a happy outcome. Traditional suppositions of self, truth, scientific objectivity...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2005) 20 (1 (58)): 59–105.
Published: 01 May 2005
... cast members) to see who can go the longest without commit- ting male-on-male rape. He loses. In a similar MAD TV parody titled “Coz,” a caricatured Bill Cosby (Aries Spears) bares his ass while struggling to retain control over the prison pudding trade. A voice-over entices viewers by promising...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2020) 35 (3 (105)): iv–29.
Published: 01 December 2020
... their newfound access to edu- cation and ability to work outside the home.8 At the same time, A Feminist Still 5 these freedoms were accompanied by more violent and spectacu- lar incidents of sexual assault outside the domestic sphere as head- lines repeatedly referred to India s national rape problem...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1993) 11 (2 (32)): 41–74.
Published: 01 September 1993
..., but an anal rape is the most deeply embedded episode in the film’s embedded and interlocked plot struc- ture, and Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames), Vega’s boss, is the central organizing figure, the one who organizes characters diegetically, and who organizes the narratives’ intertwining. So, in some...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1991) 9 (3 (27)): 4–35.
Published: 01 September 1991
..., traditional op- positions between genders. With this reading of its female protagonist as context, both the film’s crimes and its male criminals take on gender ambiguity. First, it is significant that rape, usually the paradigmatic form of male violence against women, appears nowhere in this film...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2008) 23 (2 (68)): 1–39.
Published: 01 September 2008
... constitutes one of the main modes of creating connections among strangers in this film. But intimacy is both idealized and problematic in Talk to Her, a film that features a provocative and controversial dimension in Benigno’s rape of the comatose Alicia. What is the relationship between...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1990) 8 (1 (22)): 8–27.
Published: 01 January 1990
.... Virginia Woolf, quoted by Molly Haskell in the introduction to From Reverence to Rape 12 The earliest accounts of film history written from a feminist perspec- tive -Marjorie Rosen’s Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies, and the American Dream (1973)and Molly Haskell’s...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1996) 13 (3 (39)): 34–51.
Published: 01 September 1996
... was raped at gunpoint when she was 17; Age 12: Love with a Little L returns to the blitheful primary-school eroticism of a first lesbian experience, punctured when her love, aligned with a snooty girls' clique, rejects her in junior high. Only I, a Lamb is not anchored...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1996) 13 (1 (37)): 92–122.
Published: 01 January 1996
..., large monitor: the image of Pierre anally penetrating Sandrine. Vanessa's distressed face bleeds into and out of this image. Pierre says in voice-over: "Something terrible happened. She fucked another guy. Never said who. I wanted to rape her. She let me, so I ass...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2020) 35 (2 (104)): 1–35.
Published: 01 September 2020
..., resignification, and reflexivity (some of the very Gender as a Scopic System 15 things that make them so hard to describe) that have enabled Almodóvar s films to take on a variety of incredibly difficult sub- jects (such as rape, domestic violence, incest, and pedophilia) with a great deal of nuance. La piel...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1979) 1-2 (3-1 (3-4)): 237–244.
Published: 01 May 1979
... of women came from all over Europe to protest against the imprisonment of women under Franco’s fascist regime. They held a “feminine” demonstration (songs and humming instead of slogans, megaphones, marching). The themes of violence, battered women and rape were to provide the basis...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2022) 37 (2 (110)): 91–117.
Published: 01 September 2022
... leads to the problem of what Bill Nichols calls “authoritative omniscience or didactic reductionism.” 16 The Nanjing Massacre documentary film industry altered drastically after the publication of the Chinese American writer Iris Chang's 1997 nonfiction bestseller The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten...