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Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1988) 6 (1 (16)): 169–177.
Published: 01 January 1988
... Simpson's (editor), Parents Talking Television (London: Comedia, 1987) Andrew Ross Everyone, I think, knows what Andy Warhol meant when he said that "a whole day of life is like a whole day of television." Instant recognition of a home truth. That is what Pop philosophy aims...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2017) 32 (2 (95)): 1–27.
Published: 01 September 2017
...: World of Fear, Cinema of Terror (2011). © 2017 by Camera Obscura 2017 horror reassurance Jennifer Kent parenting speech acts Figure 1. Rituals of reassurance: Amelia (Essie Davis) and Samuel (Noah Wiseman) in Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook (Australia, 2014) Parenting through Horror...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2011) 26 (2 (77)): 65–89.
Published: 01 September 2011
... roots to a collection of British programs offering advice to parents in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as well as to the longer-standing British tradition of public service broadcasting that sought to “better its audience,” we argue that the program departs from that legacy in its commercialization...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2013) 28 (2 (83)): 77–107.
Published: 01 September 2013
...Dijana Jelača Adoption is often used as a tool, both literally and figuratively, for a fantasy of rescue — and therefore it is a suitable device for normativizing parenting, particularly mothering, as a measure of moral nobility. In this article, the contested nature of prominent cultural...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2014) 29 (3 (87)): 33–63.
Published: 01 December 2014
...Matt Delmont This essay examines how housewife and political activist Irene McCabe drew national television news coverage to protests against busing for school desegregation. While thousands of parents across the nation raised their voices against busing, none received the same level of national...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2019) 34 (2): 1–39.
Published: 01 September 2019
... Beyoncé staged through collaborations with Warsan Shire, a British poet born in Kenya to Somali parents; Awol Erizku, an Ethiopian-born American artist raised in the Bronx; and Daniela Vesco, a Costa Rican photographer. This collective of artists forge a black aesthetics at a heightened level...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1988) 6 (2 (17)): 169–193.
Published: 01 May 1988
.... But a Geertzian “thick description” (Geertz 1973) of how a limited group responds to a favored show can illustrate how social factors shape the 171 kinds of meanings produced and how children’s characteristic viewing strategies reflect the process of making sense of program materials. As a parent, I...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2014) 29 (1 (85)): 111–135.
Published: 01 May 2014
... marriage, queer parenting, and transformations in reproduction and family formation — the film seemed to rehearse and model same-­sex marriage and the queer family for a wide viewership. It did so by packaging them in the form of what we might call a model family — two parents (com- plete...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2003) 18 (3 (54)): 119–129.
Published: 01 December 2003
... from her mouth to her parents’ mouths, slowly con- suming it until it has disappeared. The footage is run backward, however, so the audience actually watches the onion being recon- structed by the tearing, kissing faces. Chang’s short films (some in collaboration with filmmaker Anie “Super-8...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2017) 32 (3 (96)): 33–61.
Published: 01 December 2017
... it, and they live in denial for many years, the parents, and prefer not to address the problem.’ ”30 The informant role asked of Vergara produces a supplementary narrative of homophobic Latinas and Latinos through the liberal register of culture as the racialized subtext of the article’s main story...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1996) 13 (2 (38)): 60–91.
Published: 01 May 1996
..." and "who the hell are you" T-shirts from Cam- bridge Elementary.9 The early 1990s were a time of political resurgence for conservative discourses on traditional "family values," which were sometimes artic- ulated around concerns about youthful respect for parental authority .10 Such discourses...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1983) 4 (2 (11)): 132–145.
Published: 01 September 1983
... family vacationing in Sardinia as the parents' marriage falls apart. It ends on a less happy note for the youngest child. 137 1982 Kraftprobe [Test ofStrength}, 90 min., 35mm, color; distributor: Filmwelt Verleih. The mother of 15 year old Paulina falls ill and leaves for a lengthy...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2009) 24 (2 (71)): 77–105.
Published: 01 September 2009
... it as an institu- tion. Marriage is not the natural, inevitable outcome of Jutka’s love for András. It is as if Jutka has read Engels and is aware of the history of the institution and its unavoidable traps.6 A classic “meet the parents” scene dramatizes her decision making. Later, the scene...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2001) 16 (1 (46)): 77–97.
Published: 01 May 2001
... to immigrant parents, it nonethe- less has a political connotation. The term originated in the 1980s in the context of the founding of numerous organizations, such as SOS Racisme, France-Plus, and Radio Beur, and in the mount- ing of rather...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1986) 5 (3 (15)): 6–35.
Published: 01 December 1986
... and/or revolutionary future- perhaps no future at all. What they delivered, however, is something quite other than radical. Rosemary’s baby has gone on to grow up in the horror film, inscrib- ing dramas in which those negative aspects of childhood and parent- hood repressed by bourgeois mythology...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1980) 2 (3 (6)): 120–121.
Published: 01 December 1980
...Paula Gladstone Coney Island, followed by Leopard Lady Paula Gladstone I simply have a love affair with Coney Island. I lived there most of my life. My parents still live there. My grandparents died there. I’ve walked every street, inspected every corner. One wonderful thing about...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1994) 11-12 (3-1 (33-34)): 212–241.
Published: 01 May 1994
... and away from the kind of women’s programming that it originally set out to provide. Both of Lifetime’s parent companies, Capital Cities/ABC and Hearst, are conglomerates that own various media outlets, including network television, cable, newspapers, and magazine This kind of cross-own...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (1979) 1-2 (3-1 (3-4)): 211–215.
Published: 01 May 1979
... love; this man also speaks in a language not his native one, carefully bringing forth the pieces of his story. In a train station 4 Les Rendez-Vow d’Anna (Chantal Akerman, 1978) 214 Anna meets (by chance?) a friend of her parents who has moved from Belgium to Germany, and who says...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2015) 30 (1 (88)): 41–69.
Published: 01 May 2015
... eat; you are where you eat as well. This crisis of obesity’s social reproduction comes even more visibly to the fore in Honey We’re Killing the Kids!, a program that focuses less on the pathology of place and more on the pathology of parenting. First broadcast on BBC and imported to TLC...
Journal Article
Camera Obscura (2014) 29 (1 (85)): 59–79.
Published: 01 May 2014
... in the lives of students attending a suburban Moscow high school. During this short period the three protagonists go through a variety of events, the dramatic nature of which is offset by the banality and casualness of their rendering. These events include the students arguing with parents...