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Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (2): 161–176.
Published: 01 May 2021
...Yiannis Papatheodorou Cavafy's barbarians constitute a peculiar metaphor for the (self-)censoring process of revealing and hiding the voices of Others in the colonial order of the archive. The theme recurs in three of his works—an “unwritten” poem, a “hidden” poem, and a poem included in the canon...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2001) 28 (1): 19–73.
Published: 01 February 2001
...Fernando Gomez Ethics Is the Original Philosophy; or, The Barbarian Words Coming from the Third World: An Interview with Enrique Dussel Fernando Gomez Translated by Fernando Gomez Some...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2017) 44 (4): 179–194.
Published: 01 November 2017
..., this would mean forming political bonds and symbolic affiliations with other “barbarians.” His interest, then, in the history of Jewish persecution is not an anachronistic interest in a history of Jewish suffering nor a theological interest in the redemptive qualities of exile as a uniquely Jewish...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2002) 29 (1): 125–151.
Published: 01 February 2002
... / Spring 2002 exchanger of goods, they constitute the social body which is, at the same time, an economic body’’ (FDS, 173–74). Foucault suggests that the figure Boulainviller opposes to the savage is the barbarian. Unlike the savage, the barbarian can be understood, com- prehended...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2005) 32 (3): 119–137.
Published: 01 August 2005
... poetic again (ricorso). Brown’s point, asserted in the above quote, is that this barbarism is upon us, or is at least emerging from among us, announced by Hölderlin and Nietzsche, and reflected in such thinkers as Heidegger and Joyce. For, he argues, ‘‘only barbarians are simple-minded enough to rec...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2022) 49 (2): 315–328.
Published: 01 May 2022
... where capitalist modernity had slammed together progress and destitution. It would also have been palpable in the disciplining of the population by the state institutions that Deane describes in “Civilians and Barbarians,” an essay that began life as a pamphlet issued by the Field Day Theatre Company he...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2015) 42 (1): 115–138.
Published: 01 February 2015
... or present-absent­ singularities inhabiting the margins, peripheries, and crypts of the polis. One such literary specter that appears in the second chapter of America’s Shadow is Euripides’s Iphigenia in Aulis, the korē whose sac- rifice reveals the ancient paradigm of the barbarian documents...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (1): 49–63.
Published: 01 February 2021
.... I believe that the women were called by the Dodonaeans doves because they were barbarians, and so they seemed to the people of Dodona to talk like birds. After a time they said, The bird spoke with a human voice, as soon as the woman talked comprehensibly. As long as she talked her own barbarian...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2007) 34 (1): 1–15.
Published: 01 February 2007
...   boundary 2  /  Spring 2007 the barbarian “poor,” what the current mayor of Tokyo calls “third nations.” In this struggle, Alain Badiou reminds us that the “American war” no longer constitutes any kind of “present,” because perpetual peace means fighting perpetual war to preserve the American way...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2017) 44 (2): 157–186.
Published: 01 May 2017
... diverse minority population. To be sure, recent scholarship on Qing expansions has shown that efforts to understand the frontier “barbarians” for the pur- pose of a civilizing mission was not unprecedented in Chinese history.8 However, systematic and formal inquiry of frontier societies through...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2022) 49 (3): 29–38.
Published: 01 August 2022
... the accent on the term clinámen , which became a crucial element in my anthology Imagining Language ). In Closing Time he proclaims the return of the barbarians, and finds in Joyce's Wake “polyglot turning into glossolalia,” such that barbarism means speaking in tongues (Brown 1973 : 63...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2009) 36 (1): 61–94.
Published: 01 February 2009
... the young Martí; but the Cuban disavowed him, despite his greatness. In choosing instead the side of the so-called “barbarian,” Martí anticipated Fanon and our revolution. Of course, these two histories (as became more apparent in the twentieth and early part of the twenty-first centuries...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2006) 33 (1): 229–245.
Published: 01 February 2006
...’—that is, ‘not speaking the same languageandassuch is precisely the task of poetry: not to speak the same language as Auschwitz. Poetry after Auschwitz must indeed be barbarian; it must be foreign to the cultures that produce atrocities’’ (325–26). Charles Bernstein, ‘‘The Second War and Postmodern Memory...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2011) 38 (1): 165–201.
Published: 01 February 2011
... people’s subsequent retreat to the south during the Sixteen Barbarian Kingdoms and the period of southern and northern dynasties. Besides, the conditions of irrigation systems in the south and the north also mattered. Yet although the irrigation systems in southern China...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (2): 123–160.
Published: 01 May 2021
...). To muse on Cavafy as an Egyptiote, though, is by no means to appropriate his corpus for Egyptian affect and imaginaries. In addressing the rigid binary of Greek versus barbarian that critics have ascribed to his work, I had argued elsewhere that “there is some evidence—to a greater or lesser degree...
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Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (2): 177–203.
Published: 01 May 2021
...) That after the “King” and the “Savior” The engraving should read, in elegant letters, “Philhellene.” Now don't start in on me with your quips, your ‘Where are the Greeks [Ελληνɛς]?’ and ‘What's Greek [Ελληνικά] here, beyond Zagros, beyond Phráata?’ Many, many others, more barbarian than ourselves...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2016) 43 (3): 313–335.
Published: 01 August 2016
...) would face. Rather, those countries are only mentioned in the Manifesto in rare places, and with a name that is not considerate at all: “The barbarian countries”! And [the Mani- festo] was not written on the eve of a national liberation revolution but a month before...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2018) 45 (2): 63–86.
Published: 01 May 2018
...: 215–16). In accordance with the Brechtian maxim “Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones,” the new barbarian articulates a posthumanist experience of experi- mental material impoverishment, proletarianization, and capitalist privation, phenomena that liberal-­bourgeois...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2018) 45 (2): 111–137.
Published: 01 May 2018
... be faced with the task of articulating what learning apart from experience is.9 Call this learning for the barbarians. Learning in a state of barbarism would be learning to make “pure and decisive use” of one’s poverty of experience (1999b: 735). It would not be learning by accumulating...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2010) 37 (3): 57–68.
Published: 01 August 2010
... Propertius which Brodsky described as “the moronic pastiche of our eternal sophomore enamored of foreign name-dropping.” But Pound could only get away with this “because, as regards the literature of antiquity, we are the true barbarians.”10 If Pound did realize the barbaric energy...