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Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (1): 139–176.
Published: 01 February 2021
...Joe Cleary Though canons and faculty have greatly diversified in recent decades, English departments around the world fundamentally prioritize English and American literatures. To this extent, they resemble the Anglo-American imperial commonwealths that some toward the end of the nineteenth century...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2009) 36 (3): 159–182.
Published: 01 August 2009
... the ’90s a number of works that are about Pidgin’s complicated history. (The Department of Educa- tion of Hawai‘i has at various moments segregated Pidgin speakers from standard-English speakers and has repeatedly discussed officially banning Pidgin in the classroom, most recently in...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2013) 40 (3): 59–86.
Published: 01 August 2013
... systematically fails to translate non-English works into English, I argue that critiques of the whole literary field, based on the close reading of individual texts, overlook the systemic and institutional grounds of American unworldliness. David Foster Wallace’s 2004 novella, “The Suffering Channel,” offers...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2016) 43 (2): 179–204.
Published: 01 May 2016
... positioned, and it recognizes the crucial importance of trans- national influence and reception, challenging the notion of autonomous national traditions. This sort of comparative thinking is far more compel- ling than the Anglocentric work on transnationalism coming out of English departments—Jahan...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2012) 39 (2): 75–110.
Published: 01 May 2012
... super- vision of males between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. It bears say- ing that the history of English philology should not be narrated without also taking into account its history of involvement with Hindi. Through its material existence as a textbook in the service of colonial...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2016) 43 (3): 253–286.
Published: 01 August 2016
.../Topolect’? Reflections on Some Key Sino-­ English Linguistic Terms,” Sino-­Platonic Papers 29 (September 1991): 1–31. Mair justifies his use of “topolect” because (a) it is derived from Greek, not English; (b) it is neutral with regard to the size of the place indicated; and (c) “topos” is a good...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2020) 47 (2): 91–118.
Published: 01 May 2020
... slackened the drum skin of your voice? At the heart of the debate between the two francophone poets was the difference between a syncretic conception of créolité, which construes the long historical event of modern European imperialism (Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and English) as engendering the...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2021) 48 (1): 251–263.
Published: 01 February 2021
... fact. People with vested interests fought against recognizing it to be a fact for decades. But what of criticism? Some people seemed to feel that criticism was routed from English departments when theory took hold and killed off criticism by denigrating it as old-fashioned belletristic writing. When...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2014) 41 (2): 99–111.
Published: 01 May 2014
... another, as a ubiquitous electronic background activity, change their experience of interacting with the printed word? Gumbrecht bases his observations on two seminars that he taught in Santiago de Chile in 2013, in which Stanford undergraduates were reading fiction and nonfiction texts in both English...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2014) 41 (3): 1–25.
Published: 01 August 2014
... establishment in modeling a national response to 9/11, and that might have worked against the reification of a unitary terror as the exclusive property of the enemy-other. English novels of the 1790s (Gothic novels) and the 1890s (Marsh, The Beetle ) offer a comparatively flexible language for registering the...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2020) 47 (3): 21–59.
Published: 01 August 2020
...—namely, the persistent use of the word Neger , which translates as both “Negro” and “nigger” but has been silently neutralized in English translation. © 2020 Duke University Press 2020 This content is made freely available by the publisher. It may not be redistributed or altered. All rights reserved...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2012) 39 (1): 113–135.
Published: 01 February 2012
... transcribed and will first be published in Arabic, to be followed by French and English translations, with the aim of recording in detail the Revolution of Dignity and Democracy as it was occurring. Pending the publication of this book, which documents the impulses, aspirations, and hopes of the youth of the...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2014) 41 (2): 139–163.
Published: 01 May 2014
... for its English-speaking readership. Publication of works of questionable scholarship by a major university press, and the positive reception given to them, suggests some resonance with the antidemocratic and so-called postsecular turns in the United States and Europe. © 2014 by Duke University...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2010) 37 (1): 127–166.
Published: 01 February 2010
... land occupied by empire as “terra nullius.” This essay retrieves Said's “Canaanite” reading of Michael Waltzer's Exodus and Revolution , in which the latter invokes, above all, the English Puritan revolution to demonstrate the emancipatory politics of the Old Testament story and reconstellates it into...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2004) 31 (3): 161–162.
Published: 01 August 2004
... 2004 Contributors Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, currently an independent scholar, taught at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln from 1994 to 2002. She is finishing the work of turning her dis- sertation on Jonathan Swift into a book manuscript while teaching courses in the English Department...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2000) 27 (2): 217–218.
Published: 01 May 2000
...: Technology, Perception, and Modernist Aesthetics. Marcia Landy is Distinguished Service Professor of English and Film Studies with a secondary appointment in the French and Italian Department at the University of...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2016) 43 (2): 207–208.
Published: 01 May 2016
... Specu- lative Formalism: Literature, Theory, and the Critical Present (forthcoming). He is an assistant editor of boundary 2. Bradley J. Fest is a visiting lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Pittsburgh. At present, he is working on “The Nuclear Archive: American Literature...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2010) 37 (3): 211–213.
Published: 01 August 2010
... of Urdu poetry. His latest book is a volume of his own poetry, Shades of Islam: Poems for a New Century (Kube Publishing, 2010). He teaches in the English Department at Rutgers Univer- sity, and his interests include literary theory, postcolonial literatures, and Islamic studies. R...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2009) 36 (2): 233–235.
Published: 01 May 2009
... graphic narrative, and American studies. She is currently working on a project concerning U.S. writers who traveled to and wrote about conflicts in the “Third World” during the cold war. Lee Konstantinou is a PhD candidate in the English Department at Stanford Univer- sity. His dissertation, “Wipe...
Journal Article
boundary 2 (2001) 28 (1): 237–238.
Published: 01 February 2001
... Writings (forthcoming). He is currently working on a project entitled The Geometry of the Political. John Eperjesi recently completed his Ph.D. in the Literary and Cultural Theory Pro- gram in the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently work- ing as a postdoctoral fellow in...