boundary 2 says goodbye to Meg Havran, the managing editor of this journal for more than thirty years. We are told no one is irreplaceable, but those who have worked with Meg know that is just not true.

A managing editor is a technician, an organizer, a mediator, and something of an artist. Each person's character, values, and imagination impress special qualities on all those roles. And collectively, we think no one could have done it with more skill, imagination, and care than Meg.

Meg and I have edited boundary 2 as a team on which she was always the more important person. I have an entire vocabulary that has no purpose without her here working ahead of me. Any success b2 might have had over this part of its nearly half-century-long history comes from her clarity and generosity. She managed Duke's saving of b2 long ago and worked too hard to establish us as a quarterly publishing one thousand pages per year. And all those whose writing has appeared in those pages know the writing is better for her attention.

Such a profound change in editing promises new futures, I am sure, although those futures will have had their measure set for them at the highest level. I suppose I will learn to suffer the loss—although I wish it hadn't come.

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