Jonathan Arac is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of English emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was founding director of the Humanities Center (2008–19). His most recent book, in collaboration with the Keywords Project, is Keywords for Today: A 21st Century Vocabulary (2018), edited by Colin MacCabe and Holly Yanacek.

Dubravka Djuri´c, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, lives in Belgrade, Serbia, and is poet and translator of American poetry, active in comparative Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav studies, as well as professor at the Faculty of Media and Communication. With her husband, Miško Šuvakovi´c, she coedited Impossible Histories: Avant-Garde, Neo-avant-garde, and Post-avant-garde in Yugoslavia, 1918–1991 (2003, repr. 2006). With Biljana D. Obradovi´c she coedited Cat Painters: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry (2016). Her selected poems The Politics of Hope (After the War), translated by Biljana D. Obradovi´c and with a foreword by Charles Bernstein, was published in in 2023.


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