Charles Bernstein's pataquericalism is not just a poetics but a philosophy of life, a leftist way to wrench freedom from authority to recognize the actual face of reality that toggles us with hope and despair, to explore hitherto undreamed regions of the mind in order to acquire a new point of view—to inquire into language, into poetics, into life, into reality. This poetics indeed resonates with Barin Ghosal's Expansive Consciousness theory in the world of Bengali New Poetry. Both are inventive poetics of an eccentric centrifugal journey toward infinite possibilities with intuitive leaps to open up an infinite space. This is to interenact with the endless rhythm of the cosmic dance of energy of the universe to harmonize our relationship with Eastern mystic philosophy of Upanishad/Zen Buddhism as well as modern science. This essay is intended to find the quantum coherence between the voices/processes/thoughts of different poets, scientists, and philosophers of the East and West.

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