“Dreaming on Behalf of the Community” presents the edited transcript of a conversation I had with the Somali writer Nuruddin Farah in his Cape Town home a few months before the publication of his latest novel, Hiding in Plain Sight. The previous novel, Crossbones, marked the end of his third trilogy of novels known as the Past Imperfect trilogy. The end of one cycle of novels and the beginning of another provided an opening to ask him questions about his next project and its relation to his earlier work. In this conversation, the author sheds light on these and other issues that have been central to his writing career. He discusses, among other things, his dreams for his country, the Somali diaspora, the place of African writing in the world, the question of literary prizes and their influence on writers and in setting agendas for the literary world, and so on. It is a rare glimpse of a writer's reflection on his work and the literary world.

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