In the interest of defending the Revolution of Dignity and Democracy, the Temimi Foundation organized a series of symposia on the revolution, producing a full audio-video record of the dialogue and discussions of dozens of the revolution’s leading activists, which have been transcribed and will first be published in Arabic, to be followed by French and English translations, with the aim of recording in detail the Revolution of Dignity and Democracy as it was occurring. Pending the publication of this book, which documents the impulses, aspirations, and hopes of the youth of the revolution, along with critical interventions from prominent personages representing various intellectual convictions and currents of civil society, we offer here the transcribed text of the symposium devoted to the youth of the revolution, held on Thursday, February 17, 2011, where a number of those who contributed directly to the revolution were given the occasion to communicate the background motivations that caused them to inaugurate the revolution, as well as those fundamental demands to which they are unwaveringly dedicated. The Tunisian public will discover from this faithful transcript of the Temimi Foundation’s Youth of the Revolution Symposium the extent to which the political class has failed to recognize the significance of the youth’s essential role in the revolution. Many of Tunisia’s politicians, legislators, and journalists have not communicated with these young people, some of them going so far as to state that the revolution lacks leadership.

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