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Published: 13 January 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822377238-002
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7723-8
... CHAPTER ONE Lunfardo in Tango A Way of Speaking That Defines a Way of Being OSCAR CONDE Translated by Kurt Hofer Tango has demonstrated a singular originality and vitality during its many decades of existence. It presents us with a wide...
Published: 14 April 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376781-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7678-1
...Three Constructing Kahnawà:ke as an “Out-of-­ ­the-­Way” Place Ely S. Parker, Lewis Henry Morgan, and the Writing of the Iroquois Confederacy Kahnawà:ke and the Perversion of Tradition What makes Kahnawà:ke knowable in a territory of ideas, in a...
Published: 24 March 2014
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7680-4
... Part IV: Going All the Way 10  *  The “Sexarama”: Or Sex Education as an Environmental Multimedia Experience Eithne Johnson One important class of experiential products will be based on simulated en- vironments that offer the customer a taste of adventure, danger, and sexual...
Published: 21 April 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376439-005
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7643-9
... CHAPTER 4 Ethnography in the Way of Th eory João Biehl SUBTRACTION ■ Fragment of a conversation with Cliff ord Geertz at the Institute for...
Published: 30 July 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376354-002
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7635-4
...Two. “Life the Way It Used to Be in the Old South” The Construction of  Black Desire in New Orleans’s Post – Civil Rights Tourism Narrative Cleo, Market Lady: Traditionally this lady held an honored position in the South- ern household. Her duties were to keep the house running smoothly by...
Published: 01 January 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373957-031
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7395-7
...207 Theaster Gates A Way of Working Theaster Gates: A Way of Working, 2013. Installation view showing We Buy Houses (2013) and Huguenot Nightstand (1–5) (2012). Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Parsons School of Design. 208...
Published: 01 January 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373957-032
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7395-7
...214 Part 2 Dorchester Projects Utopian Operating Systems: Theaster’s Way of Working Shannon Jackson 215 Shannon Jackson Essay Utopian Operating Systems The nominations for the Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics were due in the summer...
Published: 01 January 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373957-037
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7395-7
...272 Part 2 Dorchester Projects Theaster Gates: A Way of Reception Chelsea Haines and Jocelyn Edens 273 Chelsea Haines and Jocelyn Edens Essay Theaster Gates: A Way of Reception Theaster Gates’s projects respond to and take advantage of the political and...
Published: 01 January 2016
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7506-7
...Place-Names and Way-Finding Many place-names in the Marvelous City, including the name “Rio de Ja- neiro,” are artifacts of Portuguese colonial rule. The names of colonial-era Portuguese authorities and the saints prominent in Iberian Catholicism loom large in the landscape. Even natural...
Published: 01 January 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373513-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7351-3
... justified to enable “traditional” femininity to return to the past, violence authorized as a naturalized response to traditional femininity and its vulnerability, violence as the price for the transnational purchase of cure, and violence as a way to heal the historical trauma of others, such as that caused...
Book Chapter

By Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Published: 07 October 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373575-010
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7357-5
...The Way verb: spill; 3rd person present: spills; past tense: spilt; past participle: spilt; past tense: spilled; past participle: spilled; gerund or present participle: spilling there was always the one. that walked the dirt path crooked infringing on the grass. that cleared the forest in...
Published: 08 August 2007
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390497-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9049-7
...: The Socratic Way of Death John Schaar, as we saw in chapter 2, issued a plea for pa‑ triotism in 1973 and doubted its prospects.1 He cited Tocqueville for the argument that “instinctive” patriotism belonged to a world dead...
Published: 24 December 2008
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390107-008
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9010-7
...A Manglish Way of Working Agile Software Development brian marick In the first decade of this century, a style of software development called “Ag- ile” moved from being an underground practice to one sufficiently respect- able to be written up in the mainstream business press. From my...
Published: 01 January 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390831-013
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9083-1
...Yuuyaraq: The Way of the Human Being Harold Napoleon (Yup’ik) Harold Napoleon (Yup’ik) was born and raised in Hooper Bay, Alaska. He lives in Anchorage with his wife, Margaret, and his family and continues to work for Native communities. The following is an excerpt from Napoleon’s...
Published: 03 February 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373438-009
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7343-8
... anarchist form of power and resistance that is not generally recognized (so intent are we on obeying the strictures of interpellation under normal circumstances). Conclusion The Misinterpellated Subject: Anarchist All the Way Down In this book, I argued for a mode of reading wherein...
Published: 01 January 1991
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373841-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7384-1
... texts were written for high levels of the royal administra­ tion for the purpose of submitting grievances or proposals for reform The Way of Print 39 but with no intention that they would be published (in fact, Male- sherbes’s Mémoires...
Published: 19 July 2006
DOI: 10.1215/9780822388586-014
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8858-6
...In Search of the Way interview by Jason Weiss Starting with the release in 1980 of The Way, featuring the full sung version of his song cycle based on Lao Tzu, the new decade saw a number of Lacy’s big projects brought to fruition. That same year, his...
Published: 02 September 2008
DOI: 10.1215/9780822388630-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8863-0
... The Code has become the loose suspenders that hold up the baggy pants of the circus clown. It allows the pants to slip dangerously, but never to fall. —Stanley Kubrick, 1959 2 going all the way Carnal Knowledge on American Screens (1961...
Published: 21 August 2013
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7881-5
Published: 01 January 2002
DOI: 10.1215/9780822383505-036
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8350-5
... 41 Ibid., 6. Finding One’s Way Home: 42 Parsons, Dispatches from the Front Line, 95–96. I Dream of Jeannie and 43 Morrissey, Kill Uncle, emi uk, 1990. 44 Patrick Wright, “The Ghosting of the Inner City,” in On Diasporic Identity Living in an Old Country: The...