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Published: 28 December 2005
DOI: 10.1215/9780822387404-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8740-4
... chapter 5 Power Negotiated, Power Defied: Political Culture, Governance, and Mobilization The Jesuit Joseph Sánchez Labrador made an arduous journey, in the rainy season of January 1767, across the cultural and ecological borderlands...
Published: 01 January 1992
DOI: 10.1215/9780822397854-009
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9785-4
... The Power of Memory and the Memory of Power Cari na Perell i o Collective Memory, the Basis of Identity rom time immemorial, humankind has concerned...
Published: 01 January 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391425-012
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9142-5
... Narratives of Power, the Power of Narratives The Failing Foundational Narrative of the Ecuadorian Nation O. Hugo Benavides When one examines the History of the Kingdom of Quito, one must proceed without love or hatred, nor...
Published: 18 November 2008
DOI: 10.1215/9780822389446-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8944-6
... Thesis Five THE FETISHIZATION OF POWER: POWER AS DOMINATION5 [5.1] WHAT IS FETISHISM? [5.1.1] The strange word ‘‘fetishism’’ comes from Portuguese, in which fetiço means ‘‘done In the sense that things ‘‘made by the...
Published: 02 January 2008
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390589-011
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9058-9
... § 10. Consequences of the Theory of the Constitution-Making Power, of the People’s Constitution-Making Power in Particular I. Continuous presence (permanence) of the constitution-making power. The constitution-making power activates itself through...
Published: 25 June 2007
DOI: 10.1215/9780822389811-031
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8981-1
... Race for Power The Global Balance of Power and Reparations gerald horne According to certain polls, something like 75 percent of people in the United States are opposed to reparations to African Americans. This should not be deemed surprising in a nation with a Euro-American...
Published: 01 January 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391821-005
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9182-1
... Rosalind C. Morris Photography- and the Power of Images in the History of Power Notes from Thailand Two sets of images sit before me.1...
Published: 11 October 2006
DOI: 10.1215/9780822388616-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8861-6
... 2. Union Power, Soul Power Class Struggle by Cultural Means . In the previous chapter, we saw Harold Cruse, LeRoi Jones, and Robert Wil- liams chart new theoretical territory by analyzing the relationship of U.S. blacks to...
Published: 19 July 2012
DOI: 10.1215/9780822395423-010
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9542-3
... nine Bergson’s Critique of Practical Reason Carl Power For such a controversial philosopher, Bergson j had a remarkable lack of interest in intellectual polemics. He readily confessed to the...
Published: 14 July 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822372905-010
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7290-5
Published: 01 January 1998
DOI: 10.1215/9780822377580-015
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7758-0
... 14· She Says, He Says: The Power of the Narrator in Modernist...
Published: 05 March 2012
DOI: 10.1215/9780822394990-015
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9499-0
... VI FEMINIST CRISIS AND FUTURES ratna kapur Hecklers to Power? The Waning of Liberal Rights and Challenges to Feminism in India FEMINISM AND FEMINIST activism in India are going through turbulent times. Spirits among the ranks have...
Published: 26 March 2012
DOI: 10.1215/9780822395027-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9502-7
... Six | creAtive poWer n issue of the Mexico City–based poetry journal El A Corno Plumado called for a “total revolution of mind/ body/senses and of the social order” in 1968 (Medina 2006c, 155). In the Beatles’ hit of 1968, “Revolution,” John Lennon warned, “You...
Published: 01 August 2012
DOI: 10.1215/9780822395416-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9541-6
... custom or formalized in law. — Barbara J. Fields four The Power of Progress Laredo and the Limits of Federal Quarantines, 1898–1903 Four days into a state-mandated smallpox quarantine on Laredo, Justo Saun- ders Penn picked up a handbill left...
... THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE AND THE RULE OF LAW The Problem ofConstitutional Democracy in the Weimar Republic On August II, I9I9, for the first time in the history of the German nation, a constitution...
Published: 01 January 1998
DOI: 10.1215/9780822396352-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9635-2
...Steven C. Topik Mercenaries in the Theater of War Publicity, Technology, and the Illusion of Power during the Brazilian Naval Revolt of I893 In one of the most bizarre episodes of the Age of Empire, US. merchant Charles Flint conjured up a twelve-ship flotilla to defend the...
Published: 01 January 1994
DOI: 10.1215/9780822396406-005
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9640-6
Published: 01 January 1994
DOI: 10.1215/9780822396406-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9640-6
Published: 01 January 1994
DOI: 10.1215/9780822396406-016
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9640-6
Published: 29 April 2003
DOI: 10.1215/9780822384656-001
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8465-6
...INTRODUCTION. The Cultural Politics of Race and Nature: Terrains of Power and Practice Donald S. Moore, Anand Pandian, and Jake Kosek Perhaps it is wrong to speak of [race] at all as a concept rather than as a group of contradictory forces, facts, and tendencies.—W. E. B. Du Bois...