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Published: 30 April 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376743-008
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7674-3
...  C erha 7pt Cristóbal Choquecasa and the Making of the Huarochirí Manuscript Alan Durston Cristóbal Choquecasa, an indigenous nobleman from Huarochirí in high- land Peru, has arguably influenced our understanding of the...
Published: 01 January 2005
DOI: 10.1215/9780822387503-005
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8750-3
Published: 04 July 2005
DOI: 10.1215/9780822387008-013
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8700-8
... Bordering Manuscript I am alert to these letters in extraordinary numbers: perhaps from grass heavy-headed with seed, flickering a’s and r’s under pressure of sun that I recognize as holy and intended— while a bird of indecipherable mind is scrolling margins of air...
Published: 01 December 2010
DOI: 10.1215/9780822393030-027
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9303-0
...Manuscript of Zelená Hora Anonymous (ca. 1817?) The manuscript, named after the place Zelená Hora (Green Hill), where it was “dis­ covered” in 1817, was enthusiastically accepted by Czech patriots. It inspired Czech art throughout the century, including Smetana’s opera, Libuše, which...
...Appendix A Note on the Use of the Federal Manuscript Census Manuscripts ofthe 1850 and 1860 Federal Censuses proved to be the most consistently useful source of information about poor whites in the ante• bellum South. The census data provides a reasonably reliable snapshot of the...
Published: 29 March 2013
DOI: 10.1215/9780822378945-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7894-5
Published: 01 January 1990
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9828-8
... A Note on the Transcription of Manuscripts LL of the documents of the Antinomian controversy ex• A isted initially as manuscripts. Some of these manuscripts (or, more likely, copies of them) were sent to England and first put in print as Antinomians and Familists Condemned (1644...
Published: 01 January 1995
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7866-2
Book Chapter

By Robert Gay
Published: 16 March 2015
DOI: 10.1215/9780822375777-001
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7577-7
... The introduction reveals how the author and Bruno got to know one another, how the interviews were conducted, and how the manuscript was produced. ...
Published: 27 March 2001
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8037-5
...acknowledgments. I am grateful to two anonymous referees and the members of the Duke University Press editorial board for their helpful comments on earlier versions of this manuscript, and to Jerry Phillips and Stanley Fish for their support of this project. I am indebted to Nicole...
Published: 01 January 1991
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9689-5
... List of Illustrations and Maps The Indies. Cadiz, 1565. Detail of Georgius Hoefnagle plate, from Georg Braun (1542- 1622), 5 vols. Civitatis orbis terrarum, Colo• niae Agrippinae, 1572-1618. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale Univer• sity. 5 The Trial. Detail of...
Book Chapter

By David Schwarz
Published: 01 January 1997
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9951-3
... ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank my wife, Marie-Luise Gattens, for inventing the phrase listening subjectivity) for her clear and critical readings of the manuscript from its inception to the final manuscript, and for her sup• port and encouragement. Special thanks...
Published: 25 February 2002
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8374-1
... Acknowledgments I am exceedingly grateful to Eowyn Nilson, Jonathan Burt, and Reginald McGinnis for J their sensitive readings of various drafts of this book, to Stanley Fish for originally soliciting the manuscript at Duke University Press, and to Barbara...
Published: 03 December 2012
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9543-0
... due to Courtney Berger and Christine Choi of Duke University Press for bringing the manuscript to fruition. ...
Published: 01 January 2008
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9069-5
..., Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University LC Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York Public Library KB Kungligen Biblioteket, Stockholm MC Music Collection, Billy Rose Theatre Collection, New York Public Library NYPL New...
Published: 20 February 2003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8425-0
... List of Abbreviations for Archival and Other Historical Materials Cited agb Alexander Graham Bell Collection, Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress cst Charles Sumner Tainter Collection, Archives Center...
Published: 19 July 2012
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9542-3
... Historical Inquiry and the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney. We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers of the manuscript, in addition to our editor, Courtney Berger, whose support for this project was invaluable. We give warm thanks to Melissa McMahon who...
Published: 25 August 2003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8513-4
... all benefited greatly from careful readings by Dr. Lane Hirabayashi and an anonymous reader for Duke University Press. Dr. Hirabayashi was a splendid colleague throughout the preparation of this manuscript, reading some of the material more than once and always insist- ing that we bring the work to...
... TEXTUAL DEVICES [roman] Editorial restoration of missing, mutilated, or illegible text. Correction of typographical errors in original manuscript or printed document. A question mark following a restoration or...
Published: 16 November 2001
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8306-2
...List of Abbreviations ac Archives communales ad Archives départementales an Archives nationales an mc Archives nationales Minutier Central ba Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal bn Bibliothèque nationale bn mss Bibliothèque nationale manuscript collection Money and...