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Published: 05 September 2007
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390503-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9050-3
...2. Interpreting British India in Anglo-America The Cultural Politics of Santha Rama Rau’s A Passage to India, 1960–2005 I believe in aristocracy . . . if that is the right word, and if a democrat may use it. Not an aristocracy of power, based on rank and influence, but an aristocrat...
Published: 21 September 2006
DOI: 10.1215/9780822388425
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8842-5
Published: 22 March 2013
DOI: 10.1215/9780822395676-049
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9567-6
...Where Is the Border? Indian and Pakistani Officials The newly independent states of India and Pakistan were faced with a huge task: to delineate the outlines of their territories. Where exactly was the new international border? How would they demarcate it? Officials who had been...
Published: 06 July 2018
DOI: 10.1215/9780822371618-052
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7161-8
Published: 12 August 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373902-007
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7390-2
... Themes raised in chapter 5 are developed further in chapter 6 on “enchanted” rather than “modern-rational” forms of expertise. This chapter turns to religious, spiritual, and supernatural life advice television in India and Taiwan to explore the distinctive counternarratives of modernity that...
Published: 22 January 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822377009-009
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7700-9
... Seven Speculative Economies, Contingent Bodies Transnational Trials in China and India The business of drug testing in human subjects has undergone extensive restructuring over the past two decades. Most clinical trials, until very re- cently...
Published: 03 June 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822374220-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7422-0
... chapter focuses on the exclusion of Muslim minorities in Europe, India, and China and the civilizational legitimation of that exclusion. It highlights the similarities and differences in these patterns of exclusion. PART II / CIVILIZATION AND COMPARISON 3 / KEEPING THE MUSLIMS...
Published: 03 June 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822374220-007
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7422-0
... with the life conditions of the poor. 6 / WHO CARES? CARE ARRANGEMENTS AND SANITATION FOR THE POOR IN INDIA AND ELSEWHERE Katherine Boo’s much acclaimed novel ­Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity (2012) pictures the terrible life of ­people in the...
Published: 19 August 2010
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391739-002
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9173-9
...part i  •  Indianness and the Postrevolutionary Mexican Nation one • Ethnicizing the Nation The India Bonita Contest of 1921 The public cheered on 18 September 1921, as María Bibiana Uribe, a humble housecleaner from Necaxa, Puebla, paraded down the...
Published: 25 August 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391029-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9102-9
...{ two } SUBJECT TO SODOMY The Case of Colonial India The case is one of an uncommon character, but part of its peculiarity it owes to the peculiarity of the o√ence in which there is no injured party. QUEEN EMPRESS V. KHAIRATI (1884) f...
Published: 25 August 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391029-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9102-9
...{ three } ARCHIVAL ATTACHMENTS The Story of an India-Rubber Dildo hus far I have explored what it means, especially in sex- Tuality studies, to insist on archival variations of the recov- ery imperative. Even as a Foucauldian understanding of geneal...
Published: 15 December 2012
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391326-007
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9132-6
... 6  Purnima mankekar dangerous desires erotics, Public culture, and identity in Late Twentieth- century india During the early 1990s, the Indian public sphere witnessed a proliferation of representations of erotics. Some of the erotic (re)charging of the pub- lic has been attributed...
Published: 28 June 2010
DOI: 10.1215/9780822391630-006
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9163-0
... chapter 5 ¡ India in South Africa Counter-genealogies for a Subaltern Sociology? In July 2001, I and some colleagues at the University of Texas–Austin, received an invitation from a member of the Hindu...
Published: 01 January 2009
DOI: 10.1215/9780822390749-015
EISBN: 978-0-8223-9074-9
... RAHUL MEHROTRA 14 SIMULTANEOUS MODERNITY Negotiations and Resistances in Urban India Urban India has been one of the most interesting sites for the mod- ern project—a place where the notion of modernity was simulta...
Published: 22 July 2016
DOI: 10.1215/9780822374275-007
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7427-5
... This chapter demonstrates that the long tradition linking technology, elite subjects, and nation building in India is currently being reimagined through a lionization of private individual achievement. Indian coders are heirs to a technocratic discourse that puts them at the vanguard of national...
Published: 01 January 2013
DOI: 10.1215/9780822378976-018
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7897-6
... Chapter 15 Maps, Mother/Goddesses, and Martyrdom in Modern India Sumathi Ramaswamy The geography of a country is not the whole truth. No one can give...
Published: 19 March 2002
DOI: 10.1215/9780822383352-012
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8335-2
...li nteelte ae a sal htfua eain nthe in relations feudal that usually was cases The latter countryside. semi- the and these of feudal in much where claim in India, predominated and still China relations as feudal such countries to vant modernization. for for catalyst oppressed the the be of also...
Published: 21 November 2001
DOI: 10.1215/9780822381273-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8127-3
...GOVERNING POPULATION The Integrated Child Development Services Program in India Akhil Gupta I returned to Alipur village in western Uttar Pradesh for a short spell of field- work in the summer of 1989. Villagers excitedly told me about all the changes that had occurred in the four...
Published: 01 January 2005
DOI: 10.1215/9780822387046-002
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8704-6
... part i Close Encounters the archive as contact zone Durba Ghosh s National Narratives and the Politics of Miscegenation britain and india historians long to tell their...
Published: 10 January 2005
DOI: 10.1215/9780822386452-017
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8645-2
...Siobhan Lambert Hurley Out of India: The Journeys of the Begam of Bhopal, 1901–1930 A number of elite Muslim women around the Arab world threw o√ the burqa and exhibited their ‘‘emancipation’’ in a variety of ways, travel among them, in the twentieth century. Though privileged Muslim women...