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Published: 01 January 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373940-009
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7394-0
... Haitian Revolution as a question of universal history. ...
Published: 01 January 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373940-010
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7394-0
... In this chapter Nick Nesbitt explores the universalism of the Haitian Revolution. For Nesbitt, the Haitian Revolution is key for C. L. R. James in “demonstrating the viability of a vision of world, mass revolution: it offers a successful historical example of the mass-based, anti-imperialist...
Published: 05 February 2019
DOI: 10.1215/9781478002543-002
EISBN: 978-1-4780-0254-3
Published: 12 March 2021
DOI: 10.1215/9781478013068-004
EISBN: 978-1-4780-1306-8
...3Minoring the Universal AFFECT AND THE MOLECUL AR IN YAN X ING S PER FOR MANCES AND L IU D ING, CAROL LU, AND SU WE I S CUR AT ION AS ART PR ACT ICE s demonstrated in the previous chapters, major China is maintained through predetermined notions of history and context. When properly un- derstood...
Published: 01 January 2021
DOI: 10.1215/9781478012337-005
EISBN: 978-1-4780-1233-7
... first national debate on humanism and alienation in the early post- Mao period (1979 1984), for example, involved heated exchanges of ideas between those who promoted a transhistorical, universal human nature,5 defying the class- based understanding of human history, and those who insisted on historical...
Published: 01 January 2021
DOI: 10.1215/9781478012337-008
EISBN: 978-1-4780-1233-7
... and universal values among the general public; the obsession with cultural unconsciousness (positive or negative) as a determinist factor of history; the resurrection of Chinese folk culture for pure and essential aesthetic pursuit; and the rise of combined lib- eral, radical, and cultural feminism...
Published: 05 March 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376682-009
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7668-2
Published: 13 October 2006
DOI: 10.1215/9780822388104-003
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8810-4
Published: 15 May 2020
DOI: 10.1215/9781478009214-005
EISBN: 978-1-4780-0921-4
... universal exchanger the person through whom astronomy communicates with the inclination toward crime, meteorology with mortality rates. Comtean sociology, as in ter est ing as it is, does not surprise us. It is inscribed in the categories through which we had already conceived of human history, the history...
Published: 07 April 2017
DOI: 10.1215/9780822373186-052
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7318-6
Published: 28 April 2014
DOI: 10.1215/9780822376521-066
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7652-1
Published: 07 May 1996
DOI: 10.1215/9780822382034-004
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8203-4
Published: 02 December 2019
DOI: 10.1215/9781478007371-003
EISBN: 978-1-4780-0737-1
...2 Universal Envoicement Acoustic Resonance as Political Ontology I. Neoliberal Biopolitics and Its (Counter)Rhythms Attali argued that both postwar avant- garde art music and economic theory used the laws of acoustics to transform chance and indeterminacy into features rather than bugs. Both...
Published: 15 May 2020
DOI: 10.1215/9781478009214-008
EISBN: 978-1-4780-0921-4
...CHAPTER 6 Universal Politics Our vision of insurance assumes a rift between social insurance and its other institutional forms, such as premium companies and mutual funds. It is as- sumed that the former, eminent instruments of the welfare state, were created without a lucrative end in order to...
Published: 24 September 2002
DOI: 10.1215/9780822383932-113
EISBN: 978-0-8223-8393-2
Published: 15 January 2021
EISBN: 978-1-4780-1271-9
... III. Toward the Universal This page intentionally left blank It Is the Job of the Artist to Incite Po liti cal Revolution : In Order to Survive Ask a starving child what jazz is and that child might say jazz is a hot plate of food. In the final analy sis, who cares what jazz is if we have no...
Published: 15 January 2021
DOI: 10.1215/9781478012719-013
EISBN: 978-1-4780-1271-9
... Toward a Universal Sound: William Parker Quartet and Raining on the Moon Art is the blood of the people whether they are aware of it or not. It is still the role of the musician to incite revolution, spiritual and human change. . . . if your art is doing what it is supposed to do you should be on...
Book Chapter

By Michael Jackson
Published: 23 April 2021
DOI: 10.1215/9781478021384-030
EISBN: 978-1-4780-2138-4
... metamorphosis in which his shyness and gaucheness would be shed like an ugly skin. University 225 Gil s dream was partially realized early in his second year when one of his history lecturers took him under his wing. Though Gil was not the only student Professor Levinssohn took a shine to, Gil found himself...
Published: 01 January 2017
EISBN: 978-0-8223-7394-0
... construction of the theory problems in our scholarship. The essay then turns to a discussion of the problem space that makes intelligible why and how C. L. R. James’s The Black Jacobins is constructed as an exploration of the Haitian Revolution as a question of universal history. In this chapter Nick...
... HISTORY OF THE EDITION The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Papers Project formally began in June 1976 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, under the sponsorship of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The edition...