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The epilogue considers possibilities for approaches to the material grounded in genealogies of radical critique: of the normal, of science, and of the idea that what exists is all there is. In so doing, it reclaims a genealogy of imagining a “feminist science,” a genealogy grounded in critiques of positivist epistemologies, critiques that recognize what passes as “Science,” unqualified, as a culturally local and historically situated knowledge politics grounded in a myth of value neutrality and thereby unaccountable beyond the confines of its internal logics. Building on this genealogy and the work of earlier chapters, it imagines a “dyke science”: an approach to materiality that is ever self-reflexive, ever engaged with critique of science, and ever aware of its own situatedness as a knowledge project. Such an approach would recognize the importance of proliferating sciences (and not consolidating epistemic authority) to antiimperial projects of worlding.

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