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In “Lesbian Generations: Transsexual . . Lesbian . . . Feminist,” the author considers the relationship between trans women and lesbian culture. As the author puts it, trans women are neither lesbian culture's object nor subject but instead its abject: that which is pushed aside with disgust. The author asks, provocatively, what it would mean to think lesbian feminism as structured around its transphobia. Lesbian feminism, like second wave feminism in general, is too often a version of Eurocentric modernization discourse: a certain model of womanhood posed as the most liberated, most advanced, most befitting of the claim to rights. A good part of its critical attention can end up turned on other women. That can include working class butch and femme dykes, women of color, trans women, or trans men—all of whom are supposedly perpetuating oppressive gender roles. The personal is political, but the political can also get very, very personal.

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