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This chapter explores a tension foundational to the biopolitics shaping disability worlds in the current neoliberal era, based on fieldwork ranging from science to self-advocacy, what the authors call the double telos of modernity. At genetic testing clinics they observed neo-eugenic discourse shaping prenatal testing. At pediatric neuroscience labs engaged in brain research with children diagnosed as atypical, scientists hoped to locate biomarkers that might lead to therapies. Both are governed by scientific ideas of human improvement and perfectibility. The authors also worked with organizations founded by disability activists seeking creative interventions in the biopolitical landscape. They attended Autistic Self Advocacy Network events and established a relationship with the group Eye to Eye. The aspirational inclusion of disability as a social fact that activists champion is in tension with the drive toward an imagined and stratified biomedical utopia that fuels medical innovation and intervention intended to cure or eliminate disability.

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