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Chapter 6 builds on speculative themes, weaving together socialist astrofuturism portrayed in Romanian and Moldovan film, art, and speculative fiction with ethnographic observations of capitalist ruination. It begins with a close reading of the film Gagarin’s Tree by Mona V?t?manu and Florin Tudor. In illustrating socialist visions of developing an anticapitalist utopia in outer space, this chapter also interrogates the crumbling of such imaginaries after 1989. While communist utopianism was based on friendships with other Second and Third World peoples, and while it largely developed in resistance to presocialist fascism, state socialism never managed to fully address anti-Roma racism. What might have happened had socialist astrofuturism embraced what Roma feminist playwright Mihaela Dr?gan describes as Roma Futurism, while at the same time maintaining an anti-imperial politic and anticapitalist class analysis? Might such an alliance have been powerful enough to resist Siliconization and the racial technocapitalist visions of astrofuturity it touts?

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