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This chapter examines knotted narratives that assume religion causes gender-based violence. It shows that secular frameworks and the actions of the secular state are as deeply implicated in gender-based violence as are religious actors. Taking as its primary example actions by three successive US administrations (Bush, Obama, Trump), the chapter explores the intertwined invocation of “religion” and, specifically of Islam, with ideas about “gender-based violence” and “terrorism.” The resulting discourse is more than a reflection of contemporary US politics, it is also the historical product of how religion is conceptualized. The chapter suggests rethinking both religion and secularism, taking an approach in which religion is not automatically considered a source of violence and secularism is not the key to ending violence. Instead, activists, like those of Sakhi for South Asian women in New York City, can draw upon both religious and secular resources in responding to violence and restoring justice

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