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Transnational surrogacy in India is a commercial trade which brings into question the integrity of national bodies, as well as gendered, racialized, and reproductive bodies. These embodied borderlands are policed minimally by various state policies on surrogacy, gamete donation, and citizenship. This chapter will examine the online communities of Western Intended Parents (IPs), interrogating two cultural practices of Western IP bloggers: (1) the
posting of online ultrasound images of “their” fetuses gestating in the wombs of Indian surrogates and (2) the posting of “belly/bump shots” of the surrogates themselves—usually
headless or veiled images of (brown skinned, sari clad) surrogates' midsections. This chapter will draw from scholarship on ultrasonographic pregnancy surveillance and post-9/11 national surveillance practices to suggest that Western IPs are creating a cross-border cyber-nation whose blogging practices function as a surveillant assemblage—monitoring, abstracting and 'knowing' the body of the gestational Indian surrogate inside and out.

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