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Store closing in Gloucester leads to discussion of real estate prices. Both mention beautiful weather. On 9/11 Helene writes that calling’s impossible but she’s trying email, which goes through. Hettie has heard plane and explosion; describes smoke: “hideous, boiling, black and gray and white.” All subways closed, crowds walking uptown and down. Hettie goes out to street to help, two days later air still not good. At mayor’s suggestion NYers “not hide themselves,” Hettie and kids go out to dinner, but on 9/17 it’s too hard to “get back to normal.” She hopes Bush doesn’t “burst the world’s bubble.” Helene remembers Kissinger saying “3rd world war would start in Mideast,” and doesn’t think there’s hope for Bush’s not bursting bubble. Hettie begins work on “Dust,” a 9/11 poem. Both have troubled sleep. Helene sends Gloucester paper editorial, all about how war would create more terrorism—everything that has come to pass.

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