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Chinese women painters

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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2017) 67 (1): 61–82.
Published: 01 April 2017
...De-Nin D. Lee Abstract Whereas texts on painting by Chinese literati have had a profound impact on art history, women's writings are almost unknown. This article examines poems by the Qing-dynasty poet-painter Luo Qilan (b. 1755), using her as a case study to argue for a literatae tradition...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2019) 69 (1): 73–101.
Published: 01 April 2019
... and explicitly ordered that his tomb be opened so that the fan could be placed inside the coffin. 10 Palace women also received flying-white fans, as suggested in a small painting of two palace ladies in a garden setting attributed to the late Song–early Yuan painter Qian Xuan 錢選 (ca. 1235–1305), now...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2018) 68 (1): 47–66.
Published: 01 April 2018
... justification ]. Seoul : Tasan kihoek , 2016 . Laing, Ellen Johnston . “ Wives, Daughters, and Lovers: Three Ming Dynasty Women Painters .” In Views from Jade Terrace: Chinese Women Artists, 1300–1912 , edited by Marsha Weidner , 31 – 39 . Indianapolis : Indianapolis Museum of Art , 1988...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2020) 70 (2): 119–149.
Published: 01 October 2020
... male elite of Song-dynasty China, the existence of a woman literati painter working in Meiji-period (1868–1912) Japan may initially seem surprising. In fact, literati art found unprecedented popularity in mid-nineteenth-century Japan, and women participated actively in its creation and consumption. 11...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2005) 55 (1): 39–52.
Published: 01 April 2005
... 39 and (2) from early to mid-Qing, circa 1717— Because of the sweep of Professor Cahill's argument, I have found it useful to summarize and synthesize much Cahill " a turning point in Chinese painting" after which painters...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2011) 61 (1): 107–126.
Published: 01 April 2011
... by Prince Anpyeong, son of King Sejong Wen Fong and Sherman Lee commented on the famous (r. 1418–1450), in which about 86 percent of the works handscroll Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land were Chinese. The connection between An Gyeon’s (Fig. 1), done in 1447 by the Joseon court painter...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2005) 55 (1): 35–37.
Published: 01 April 2005
... to a unidirectional, forward-moving narrative.3 It is a story of ever-increasing mastery of pictorial tech- For Cahill, in the absence of "any pattern of continuity," niques that allowed Chinese painters to create on two- the concept of post-historical art provides a compelling dimensional surfaces effects...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2020) 70 (1): 85–117.
Published: 01 April 2020
... seen in early modern Chinese genre painting, 8 which, together with the classroom scene, throws light on how the painters of the 1737 Qingming painting designed the narrative units by integrating details from their database of genre paintings. Figure 9. ( Top ) Attributed to Qiu Ying...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2022) 72 (1): 129–150.
Published: 01 April 2022
... profit, promoting a patriotic consumerism while protecting themselves from economic ruin and government censure. 39 Chinese women of the upper and middle classes, already identified as zealous consumers, were now designated the arbiters of national and familial well-being through the practice...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2021) 71 (1): 1–36.
Published: 01 April 2021
... landscapes represent Vulture Peak, the sacred abode of Śākyamuni Buddha. Cave 209 shows how Lady Vaidehī—the protagonist of the Meditation Sutra—emerges as the first female viewer of landscape in Chinese art. Departing from the Meditation Sutra, painters at Dunhuang resituate Lady Vaidehī, the formerly...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2005) 55 (1): 17–33.
Published: 01 April 2005
..., the early Chinese literature on painting, like the dark shading techniques.The portrayal of the animals in the Western, offers anecdotes in which pictures by the most "Deer in an Autumn Forest" pictures (which are probably accomplished painters do exactly that, whether the eye...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2021) 71 (2): 191–218.
Published: 01 October 2021
... adopted by Chinese painters in the modern period. It was promoted as a scientific approach to painting, replacing the moribund practice of copying masterworks of the past, a practice that was perceived as the main cause for the decline of recent Chinese painting. In Chen's case, observing and drawing...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2014) 64 (1): 3–32.
Published: 01 April 2014
..., and bearers. In Beijing the guidance of the king himself.17 Previous rulers did the Korean literati on tributary missions made lasting not have any direct interaction with court painters, personal connections with Chinese literati, were ex- whose studios were outside the palace. But now, with posed...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2008) 58 (1): 113–133.
Published: 01 April 2008
.... Daewang Jeongreung gaejang euigwe), is dated to 1600; These records were written exclusively in Chinese char- the latest euigwe documents the wedding of the crown acters, but combined both literary Chinese and the prince who became Emperor Sunjong (Hwangtaeja garye unique Korean writing system called...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2013) 63 (2): 189–207.
Published: 01 October 2013
... Serpent (Cambridge: in Ishii korekushon kenkyu¯ (Ishii Cambridge University Press, 1987), 78, 103. Collection studies) 2 (Tsukuba: Faculty of Art & Design, 50. For more about Japanese painters of images of University of Tsukuba, 2013), 28–39 (Japanese); 71–86 women in this period...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2014) 64 (1): 75–92.
Published: 01 April 2014
... aspects of Chinese traditional art, such as the Ming dynasty painter Dong Qichang (1555–1636) and his Southern and Northern Schools theory...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2016) 66 (1): 25–49.
Published: 01 April 2016
..., esp. 11–16. in the Shadows: Women in the History of Chinese and 88. For Zhao Yan’s biography, see Kong Qi 孔齊 Japanese Painting, ed. Marsha Smith Weidner (Honolulu: (active ca. 1360), Zhizheng zhi ji (Record of University of Hawai‘i Press, 1990), 55...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2014) 64 (2): 165–190.
Published: 01 October 2014
... attributed to the eighteenth- to it to later. Each animal painting was the product of century court painter Guiseppe Castiglione (Chinese one concentrated performance with the brush, making name Lang Shining 1688–1766), but nonetheless the draft pictures even more significant to the final praised...
Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2017) 67 (2): 237–256.
Published: 01 October 2017
..., Chinese copies based on the Philippine originals. This rather contentious argument is not readily embraced by Filipino collectors who prefer traditional attributions of all such watercolors to Filipino painters as markers of national identity. These Philippine and Chinese paintings are avidly acquired...
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Journal Article
Archives of Asian Art (2012) 62 (1): 47–67.
Published: 01 April 2012
... at the Orchid Pavilion hosted by the legendary Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi (ca. 303–ca. 361). Painted by Yu Suk (1827–1873), a court painter and one...