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Submission Guidelines

The Editor and Editorial Board of Archives of Asian Art welcome specialized articles in English on all aspects of the arts of South, Southeast, Central, and East Asia. The journal has long been known for scholarly articles on individual artists and specific works of art and architecture and archaeological sites. In addition, we welcome scholarly contributions on contemporary Asian art as well as articles on the collecting, exhibition, and movement of Asian art objects and the history of the study of Asian art as a subject of aesthetic valuation and categorization.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the specifications of the Chicago Manual of Style, seventeenth edition (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010). Authors should use the system of short endnote citations with an accompanying reference list, as described in Chapter 14.

The system of transliteration of foreign terms and names should be consistent within each article and should conform to generally accepted practice.
Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all quotations and for supplying complete references. All copy, including block quotations, endnotes, and reference lists, must be double-spaced.

All submissions should be emailed as PDF files to Patricia Berger, Editor, at Captions and illustrations should be placed in separate files from the text. If the images are too large to email, please use an online Dropbox site to deliver the file.

Books for review should be mailed to Professor Patricia Berger, Editor, Archives of Asian Art, University of California, Department of History of Art, 416 Doe Library, Berkeley, CA 94720-6020, USA.

Archives of Asian Art manuscripts are copyedited and typeset electronically from files supplied by the authors. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be asked to submit the final version as an electronic Word document file, along with a PDF that exactly matches the Word document of your article. Detailed formatting instructions will be provided at that time. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the following will aid you in preparing your materials for the best possible results.

Copy Preparation
Keep the following in mind when inputting:
  • Use type to show italics (not underlining), sub- and superscripts, and accented letters (letters with diacritics).
  • Use the numeral “1” for one (never the capital letter “I” or the lowercase “L”), the numeral “0” for zero (never the letter “O”).
  • Use the tab key to indent (not the spacebar).
  • Use only one space after a period, colon, or semicolon.
  • Use two hyphens for a dash (no space either side).
  • Add no extra returns between paragraphs.
  • Please send separate PDF files for text, images, and captions.
  • Text should be double-spaced throughout with endnotes and reference list. Non-roman characters should be embedded in the text (no glossary).
  • Please indicate total number of words in text.

Keep formatting to a minimum.
  • Use centering to show heads if you wish, but don’t use underscoring, boldface, small caps, or other displays.
  • Never use all caps (acronyms excepted).
  • Do not justify the right margin.
  • Do not use hanging indents.
  • Do not use “soft” hyphens or hyphenation programs (avoid end-of-line word breaks).
  • Do not add headers or footers except for page numbers.
  • If your manuscript includes special characters unavailable in your word-processing program, mail us a hard copy printout with the special characters marked with colored ink.

Submit captions of illustrations in one separate file.

Submit illustrations (drawings) in PDF form in one separate file.
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