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Audio Features

Since 2012, occasional Audio Features in American Speech have given readers the opportunity to listen directly to linguists and in some case to the speakers they study. Features include interviews with notable linguists, documentary-style treatments of dialectal or sociolinguistic variation, compilations of field recordings, and so on. Those published so far are listed below, starting with the most recent. The audio files (and in most cases accompanying transcripts) are available under the Supplements tab of the article’s page on

Oral Histories as a Window to Sociolinguistic History and Language History: Exploring Earlier Ontario English with the Farm Work and Farm Life Since 1890 Oral History Collection

Derek Denis
American Speech (2016) 91 (4): 513–516

How Mitford M. Mathews Got Interested in Dialect Words

Mitford M. Mathews
American Speech (2014) 89 (3): 375–381

Audio Resources from the Dictionary of American Regional English

Joan Houston Hall
American Speech (2013) 88 (3): 365–366

An Interview with Joan Houston Hall, Chief Editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English

Mark Johnson
American Speech (2013) 88 (3): 364–365

“It’s a Language Variation, and It Has Its Own Structure”: K–12 Educators in Maryland and Virginia Talk about Language Variation in the Classroom

Christine Mallinson; Laura Rutter Strickling; Anne H. Charity Hudley
American Speech (2013) 88 (1): 100–101

Dialect Recordings from the Hanley Collection, 1931–1937

Thomas Purnell
American Speech (2012) 87 (4): 511–513

The Wisconsin English Project and WɪSCO

Thomas Purnell; Eric Raimy; Joseph Salmons
American Speech (2012) 87 (3): 369–370

New Microscopes, New Telescopes: A Conversation with Mark Liberman About the Uncertain Future of Linguistics

Benjamin Zimmer
American Speech (2012) 87 (1): 107–108

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