The Norman Foerster Prize for the best essay published in American Literature in 2020 was awarded to Carlos Alonso Nugent for “Lost Archives, Lost Lands: Rereading New Mexico’s Imagined Environments” (92:2, June 2020). An honorable mention was awarded to Blake Bronson-Bartlett for “Writing with Pencils in the Antebellum United States: Language, Instrument, Gesture” (92:2, June 2020). Members of the judging committee were Kate Marshall (chair), University of Notre Dame; Ivy Wilson, Northwestern University; and Gina Caison, Georgia State University.

We are pleased to announce that two American Literature authors won the American Literature Society’s 1921 Prize: Sari Altschuler for her essay “Touching The Scarlet Letter : What Disability History Can Teach Us about Literature” (92:1, March 2020) and Sarah E. Chinn for her essay “Enslavement and the Temporality of Childhood” (92:1, March 2020).

In the past two decades, a perhaps paradoxical development has arisen in literary studies: renewed attention to...

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