Archives of Desire: The Queer Historical Work of New England Regionalism. By J. Samaine Lockwood. Chapel Hill: Univ. of North Carolina Press. 2015. xiii, 222 pp. Paper, $29.95; e-book, $19.99.

New England regionalism recast the figure of democratic dissent as the unwed daughter. Following figures from Sarah Orne Jewett to Mary Wilkins Freeman, this book argues that “colonial revivalism formed part of a larger regionalist movement, one that provided a range of women cultural producers a sanctioned framework within which to rethink the relationships among gender, social-sexual forms, history, racial affiliations, and collective identities.” Delving into this movement using a feminist lens, this study contends that New England regionalists organized their lives in ways modern society would call queer, as these figures refused marriage or formed same-sex relationships.

London and the Making of Provincial Literature: Aesthetics and the Transatlantic Book Trade, 1800–1850. By Joseph Rezek. Philadelphia: Univ. of...

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