The attached photographs are of a workshop that was held many years ago in Montreal, in a building that I think was owned by the Canadian Coast Guard, near one of the St. Lawrence Seaway locks. The workshop was organized to bring taxonomic experts together to look at some ballast water samples to confirm the growing concern that invasive species were entering the Great Lakes through ballast water introductions. The photos have Oct 24, 1989 stamped on them.

Somehow we got hold of some ballast water samples and spent a day or two looking through them. Figure 1 shows (among others) Joe Leach (OMNR inverts and fish) in the foreground; Ed Crossman (Fish - Royal Ontario Museum) in the background over Joe’s shoulder; Ed Mills (Cornell zooplankton) at the microscope; Steve Kerr (Dalhousie University, Fish) next to him; Mohi Munawar (DFO, Phytoplankton) in the background talking to a Seaway official (I think).

Figure 2 shows Mohi Munawar at the microscope, me (Gary Sprules, University of Toronto, Zooplankton) with the coffee, and Jim Carleton (Williams College, Mystic, Connecticut. Marine Inverts).

Joe had a varied career that included being a major player in the early days of concerns about invasive species, particularly Dreissena, and I remember he had a huge collection of 35 mm slides showing the massive impacts of the Dreissena invasion, particularly in Lake Erie. I think the workshop was instrumental in triggering a whole series of events that resulted in the Canadian Ballast Water Guidelines and the multiple ecological, marine transport, and regulatory impacts that followed.