The papers contained in this issue constitute the second installment of articles which originated from the conference “State of Lake Huron (SOLH): Ecosystem change, habitat and management” held at Honey Harbour on the shores of scenic Georgian Bay (October 2006). The conference was jointly sponsored by the Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society (AEHMS) and the Lake Huron Binational Partnership. Details about the conference are included in an earlier issue published in 2008 (see volume 11, issue 2).

The first installment of Lake Huron articles consisted mainly of papers focusing on the physical aspects of the lake. However, this current group of papers are mostly biological in nature. These articles deal with diverse topics such as benthos, fish diversity, lake whitefish, deepwater demersal forage fishes, aquatic birds, coastal wetlands, ecological indicators, and islands. One of the papers deals with mercury/lead sediment contamination. Additional papers currently under preparation are expected to be published in future issues of the journal.

Many thanks are due to the authors for their contributions, as well as for their hard work in the revisions of their manuscripts. Once again we sincerely thank various committee members listed below for their assistance and guidance. Finally, the financial support of Environment Canada and US Environmental Protection Agency is gratefully acknowledged. We hope that the publication of the two groups of papers will be useful to students, researchers and managers working on the Lake Huron basin in enhancing our current understanding of the state of this lake.

     Mohiuddin Munawar

   Chief Editor, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management