The main activity in lakes and reservoirs in Malaysia is, and always has been, fishing. The annual fish production from lakes and reservoirs in Malaysia is estimated to be 3,950 metric tons, and freshwater fish are a valuable source of protein for the rural population. Therefore, the fisheries and the fish resources of the lakes and reservoirs should be carefully maintained. In general the fish stocks are degrading and a concerted effort is required to maintain exploitable resources at a sustainable level. This paper describes the existing problems, issues and remedial actions required for the restoration of the fisheries resources in Malaysia. It includes the nature of the resource and environment, conformity to rules and regulations, and consideration of the needs of all stakeholders. The paper also highlights the role of the Local Government Authorities in the upkeep of the lakes' ecosystems, technology developments, legislations, institutions and socio-economic aspects of fisheries for the sustainable development of reservoir fisheries in Malaysia.

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