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The Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies Reader

Edited by Sandra Harding

For twenty years, the renowned philosopher of science Sandra Harding has argued that science and technology studies, postcolonial studies, and feminist critique must inform one another. In The Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies Reader, Harding puts those fields in critical conversation, assembling the anthology that she has long wanted for classroom use. In classic and recent essays, international scholars from a range of disciplines think through a broad array of science and technology philosophies and practices. The contributors reevaluate conventional accounts of the West’s scientific and technological projects in the past and present, rethink the strengths and limitations of non-Western societies’ knowledge traditions, and assess the legacies of colonialism and imperialism. The collection concludes with forward-looking essays, which explore strategies for cultivating new visions of a multicultural, democratic world of sciences and for turning those visions into realities. Feminist science and technology concerns run throughout the reader and are the focus of several essays. Harding provides helpful background for each essay in her introductions to the reader’s four sections.


Helen Appleton

Karen Bäckstrand

Lucille H. Brockway

Stephen B. Brush

Judith Carney

Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment

Arturo Escobar

Maria E. Fernandez

Ward H. Goodenough

Susantha Goonatilake

Sandra Harding

Steven J. Harris

Betsy Hartmann

Cori Hayden

Catherine L. M. Hill

John M. Hobson

Peter Mühlhäusler

Catherine A. Odora Hoppers

Consuelo Quiroz

Jenny Reardon

Ella Reitsma

Ziauddin Sardar

Daniel Sarewitz

Londa Schiebinger

Catherine V. Scott

Colin Scott

Mary Terrall

D. Michael Warren

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