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Migrants and Migration in Modern North America:

Cross-Border Lives, Labor Markets, and Politics

Edited by Dirk Hoerder and Nora Faires

Presenting an unprecedented, integrated view of migration in North America, this interdisciplinary collection of essays illuminates the movements of people within and between Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States over the past two centuries. Several essays discuss recent migrations from Central America as well. In the introduction, Dirk Hoerder provides a sweeping historical overview of North American societies in the Atlantic world. He also develops and advocates what he and Nora Faires call “transcultural societal studies,” an interdisciplinary approach to migration studies that combines migration research across disciplines and at the local, regional, national, and transnational levels. The contributors examine the movements of diverse populations across North America in relation to changing cultural, political, and economic patterns. They describe the ways that people have fashioned cross-border lives, as well as the effects of shifting labor markets in facilitating or hindering cross-border movement, the place of formal and informal politics in migration processes and migrants’ lives, and the creation and transformation of borderlands economies, societies, and cultures. This collection offers rich new perspectives on migration in North America and on the broader study of migration history.


Jaime R. Aguila

Rodolfo Casillas-R.

Nora Faires

Maria Cristina Garcia

Delia Gonzáles de Reufels

Brian Gratton

Susan E. Gray

James N. Gregory

John Mason Hart

Dirk Hoerder

Dan Killoren

Sarah-Jane (Saje) Mathieu

Catherine O’Donnell

Kerry Preibisch

Lara Putnam

Bruno Ramirez

Angelika Sauer

Melanie Shell-Weiss

Yukari Takai

Omar S. Valerio-Jiménez

Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez

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