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Jameson on Jameson:

Conversations on Cultural Marxism

By Fredric Jameson
Edited by Ian Buchanan

Fredric Jameson is one of the most influential literary and cultural critics writing today. He is a theoretical innovator whose ideas about the intersections of politics and culture have reshaped the critical landscape across the humanities and social sciences. Bringing together ten interviews conducted between 1982 and 2005, Jameson on Jameson is a compellingly candid introduction to his thought for those new to it, and a rich source of illumination and clarification for those seeking deeper understanding. Jameson discusses his intellectual and political preoccupations, most prominently his commitment to Marxism as a way of critiquing capitalism and the culture it has engendered. He explains many of his key concepts, including postmodernism, the dialectic, metacommentary, the political unconscious, the utopian, cognitive mapping, and spatialization.

Jameson on Jameson displays Jameson’s extraordinary grasp of contemporary culture—architecture, art, cinema, literature, philosophy, politics, psychoanalysis, and urban geography—as well as the challenge that the geographic reach of his thinking poses to the Eurocentricity of the West. Conducted by accomplished scholars from United States, Egypt, Korea, China, Sweden, and England, the interviews elicit Jameson’s reflections on the broad international significance of his ideas and their applicability and implications in different cultural and political contexts, including the present phase of globalization.

The volume includes an introduction by Jameson and a comprehensive bibliography of his publications in all languages.


Mona Abousenna

Abbas Al-Tonsi

Srinivas Aravamudan

Jonathan Culler

Sara Danius

Leonard Green

Sabry Hafez

Stuart Hall

Stefan Jonsson

Ranjana Khanna

Richard Klein

Horacio Machin

Paik Nak-chung

Michael Speaks

Anders Stephanson

Xudong Zhang

  • Post-Contemporary Interventions
Series editor(s): 
  • Stanley Fish
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