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News from Duke University Press

July 21, 2014

978-0-8223-5315-7_prToday's guest post is by Deborah T. Levenson, Professor of History at Boston College, author of Adiós Niño: The Gangs of Guatemala City and the Politics of Death and co-editor of The Guatemala Reader. She calls for us to listen to the stories of the undocumented Central American children appearing on the U.S. border.

That tens of thousands of children cross the border from Mexico to the United States without documents presents immediate challenges to...

July 16, 2014

Ddthe_44_2Performance curators occupy an “increasingly essential role in a transformation of the theater’s defining edges,” a role which has started to overlap with socially engaged and visual art forms.  In this special issue of Theater, Tom Sellar argues that these creative professionals are leading the way toward new forms and alternative practices. Sample a few articles from “Performance Curators,” edited by Tom Sellar and Bertie Ferdman.


In “From Content to Context: The Emergence of the Performance Curator,” Bertie Ferdman...

July 11, 2014

978-0-8223-5210-5_prOur final World Cup guest post is by Orin Starn, author of The Passion of Tiger Woods and co-editor of The Peru Reader, as well as series editor for The Latin America Readers and The World Readers. He is Professor and Chair of Cultural...

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