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News from Duke University Press

April 28, 2016

978-0-8223-3960-1_prWe conclude our Poetry Month series today with a poem by Rafael Campo, from his 2007 collection The Enemy. In addition to being a poet, Campo is also a doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. In this poem, he wonders about the stranger accidentally caught in a photo of him and his partner.

Ode to the Man Incidentally Caught in the Photograph of Us on My Desk

At first, you look determined, sunglasses
protecting your imaginary blue,
and therefore possibly sensitive, eyes.
You don’t seem like the others, arms askew,
heads angled, asses in the air—you march
as if you think that life depended on
your mission. Out of focus, on the beach
we have our backs to, maybe it’s...

April 27, 2016

Batman v SupermanWith Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continuing to perform well in theaters, it is worth asking why it received negative responses from American comic book fans, despite being one of the most anticipated comic book movies in recent memory. Batman v Superman’s financial success comes despite a 71% drop in ticket sales between its first and second Fridays at the box office. Drops that large are rare, even for superhero movies. This decline highlights a word-of-mouth reaction that has spread among comic book fans: this is a character-driven movie that gets the characters wrong.

Isaac Cates addresses the deceptive complexity of superhero comic book stories in his American Literature essay, “...

April 25, 2016


We are excited to announce a Spring sale on our Asian American studies titles. Save 50% on all in-stock books and special journal issues in that subject until May 2nd. Simply use coupon code ASAM50 during checkout after selecting any of our Asian American studies books.

Here are just a few of the great titles you can order with these great savings.


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