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News from Duke University Press

January 30, 2015

ddtsq_1_4In Trans/Feminisms, a special double-issue of TSQ, we will explore feminist work taking place within trans studies, trans and genderqueer activism, cultural production in trans, genderqueer, and nonbinary gender communities, and in communities and cultures across the globe that find the modern Western gender system alien and ill-fitting to their own self-understanding. Simultaneously, we want to explore as well the ways in which trans issues are addressed within broader feminist and women’s organizations and social movements around the world. We want this issue to expand the discussion beyond the familiar and overly simplistic dichotomy often drawn between an exclusionary transphobic feminism and an inclusive trans-affirming feminism. We seek to highlight the many feminisms that are trans inclusive and that affirm the diversity of gender expression, in order to document the reality that feminist transphobia is not universal nor is living a trans life, or a...

January 30, 2015

rmartinphotobioWe are sad to learn of the death of Randy Martin, who passed away on January 28. Martin was Professor of Art and Policy at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Martin was a long time collaborator with Duke University Press, author of three books with us and a member of the Social Text collective.

In his work Martin explored the intersections between art and politics. Martin’s most recent book with us was An Empire of Indifference: American War and the Financial 978-0-8223-3996-0_prLogic of Risk Management (2007), an argument that a financial logic of risk management underwrites U.S. foreign...

January 29, 2015

Call for Papers: Special Issue of American Literature: “Pedagogy: Critical Practices for a Changing World”

ddal_86_3Over the last year, the media’s funereal preoccupation with the death of higher education has thrown into question the relevance and vitality of literary studies. Focusing on student debt, time-to-completion, and job placement, a new version of stripped-down vocational education threatens to take faculty, scholarship, and liberal arts out of the University. In a fury of business efficiencies, for-profit industries and venture capitalists are “unbundling” faculty roles, building self-service models, and advocating the corporate development of standardized assessments or student “competencies.” This special issue proposes pedagogies arising from the field of American literature as a critical response to these alarming trends in higher education.

Historically, literature produced and circulated in the United States has negotiated a...

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